About 10m Target Shooting

10m Target shooting is a fantastic sport accessible and adaptable for all. 

10M air rifle and air pistol are Olympic and Paralympic sports. Target shooting is one of the oldest  Olympic disciplines. 

There are few sports that can match target shooting as a fantastic hobby that anyone from their teenage years to 100+ years can pursue. 

Target shooting is fantastic for improving your focus, concentration, flexibility, strength and stamina. The psychological challenge of the sport is very appealing to most participants. 

Target shooting demands a range of abilities which will improve over time with training. Physical, psychological and technical skills are all tested in this challenging and fascinating sport. 

What are we aiming at?

In 10m Target shooting, air rifles or air pistols are shot from 10m at paper or electronic target. The target centre is approximately 140 cm from the ground. 

Air Rifle- The diameter of the ten (the highest non decimal score) is only 0.5 mm. The remaining rings are 5.0mm in width.

Air Pistol-  The target is a pattern of rings measuring 155.5mm in diameter. The ten run is only 11.5mm wide, with the inner ten just 5mm in diameter.